Easter Glamour Portrait Studio

by Grant Worth, 2009 - 2012


Hey, you've got a great blog. m really impressed, can I do a short interview of you on frankly.me

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Hi, I’m confused and not sure why my friend Matt answered you. Are you talking to me? email me at grantworth@missionfantastic.com

Body work by Lisa Frank! Permanent lip gloss! Semi-unconscious blow outs! Every lens smothered in vaseline! Bottomless tiny top hats stuffed with complimentary perms! 

For one night only, Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, located off Hwy Q in the Cadbury Outlet Mall, is offering an exciting photo package anyone could refuse. Simply print out these coupons and hot glue them to your face.

Hey Jelly Bean,

Here comes the sun, and I just can’t wait to try you on again.

Everybody is about to bloom. Spring’s closets are bursting, and you’re invited to the renegade beauty event of this holiday season. You can be anyone or anything you had no idea you ever wanted to be. We’re all here to help. Dress to empress, then take it all off and start all over again. What kind of creme filled buns pop out of the oven when everyone in the kitchen is a cook? We’re rehearsing for the big show. We need more exercises to get better at playing together. Professionals bring their daughter to work day. Now where’s big brother when you need him?  In every corner a revelation, but not all transformations can be captured on film. 

We simply can’t wait to make you over and over,


“Easter Glamour Portrait Studio” by Grant Worth was part of j. morrison’s migratory performance / event series “Space is the Place.” egps was photographed four consecutive Easter Sundays from 2009 - 2012 in a empty, borrowed studio space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. egps could not have been done without generous creative support from Andy Jordan, Alexander Kargaltsev, Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Destiny Pierce, Stina Puotinen, David Riley, and Nick Schiarizzi.

2012 - Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, Apocalypse Forever

2011 - Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, Sun Day Best

2010 - Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, Spring Forward - The Future of Spring

2009 - Easter Glamour Portrait Studio #1